How to Read the Akashic Records with The Pinnacle

“One of the best online classes for developing your intuition.”

– goop


Learn how to read the Akashic Records and channel The Pinnacle in an online, video-based course by International Akashic Records Reader and founder of A Line Within, Ashley Wood.

Ashley shares her unique approach to reading the Akashic Records and shows you how she channels The Pinnacle.

Ashley modernizes and grounds the Akashic Records as she shares the insights of her journey of discovering the Akashic Records, provides her personal rituals before and after readings, gives tips on how to develop your practice as a professional Akashic Records reader, answers frequently asked questions about the Records, and shares everything she’s learned in hundreds of Akashic Records readings for people all over the world.


This course is for you if…

  • You feel the vibration of the Akashic Records and want to enter your personal Akashic Records

  • You want to deepen your experience of the Akashic Records

  • You want to develop a professional practice as an Akashic Records reader


What do you get?

  • Eight videos providing in-depth instruction on Ashley’s unique approach to reading the Akashic Records and channeling The Pinnacle

  • an ebook containing Ashley’s practical tips on developing your skills as an Akashic Records reader

  • a recording of the guided, grounding meditation Ashley uses in her personal practice

  • access to the workshop, Clear the Line: To Release Fear, which teaches you how to get out from under the weight of your fear and surrender to your spiritual self, your goals, your desires, and everything you’re calling into your life

  • access to a private Akashic Support Facebook group to ask questions, share tips, feedback and also practice readings on those who are working through or have completed the program

  • BONUS: access to Clear The Line: Release Fear


Payment Plan: We also offer a payment plan for this course. Two biweekly payments of $277.50 (plus tax). Click the button below to purchase the course with the payment plan.