Clear the Line

Within each of us is an energetic Line that is our direct connection to the highest realm. This is the realm of The Pinnacle and the Akashic Records, and is the source of universal wisdom and guidance.

You are constantly receiving messages and guidance from this realm through the Line within you. Every message is just for you and can only be picked up by you. Aligning with this Universal energetic frequency opens you up to the truth of your highest self, which is always pointing you toward the life your soul incarnated into this present experience to live.

You don’t need to be taught how to receive these messages. No matter what, you keep receiving them.

You need to clear your Line so you can pick up and act on your messages with greater clarity.

Clear your Line of what?

The effects of social conditioning, lifestyle choices, trauma and limiting beliefs that can prevent you from picking up or acting on messages sent to help and guide you.

The four workshops in the Clear the Line program include unique exercises, journal prompts and Line Activations to strengthen your innate connection to the realm of infinite guidance so you can align with your highest self and start living a limitless life.



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Gain Clarity

The messages you’re receiving through your Line are crafted just for you, but what if you feel like you don’t know who you are and what you want? Start here.



When you start to see money as energy, you’ll find opportunities everywhere to achieve financial abundance.



You need to love yourself enough to act on your messages coming through your Line. Learn to accept yourself for who you are and where you’re at in this present moment.


Release Fear

Apply our powerful four-step formula to release the energetic roots of the fears keeping you from expressing your highest self.